Connecting with other Sanfilippo families provides us comfort

My family recently had the pleasure of attending a gathering sponsored by the Cure Sanfilippo Foundation, a nonprofit that leads the charge in research, advocacy, and support for those affected by Sanfilippo syndrome. Eight children with Sanfilippo attended with their families. Several of us had connected via Facebook…

Attending a Sanfilippo conference rejuvenates my hope

I recently attended the ADVANCE 2023 virtual conference about Sanfilippo syndrome, which provided a wealth of information about the disease: reports from researchers regarding experiments and findings, news of potential clinical trials and therapeutic advancements, and tips from parents on raising children who have it. As a parent…

In the silence, I’d prefer more chaos

To many of you, it’s May. To those of you with school-aged children, it’s “Maycember” — that hectic time at the end of the school year. To me, it’s also less than a month until my baby boy, Will, turns 13. We are fully immersed in Maycember here.