Ana de Barros, PhD, managing science editor —

Ana holds a PhD in immunology from the University of Lisbon and worked as a postdoctoral researcher at Instituto de Medicina Molecular (iMM) in Lisbon, Portugal. Ana was awarded two FCT fellowships and has won the Portuguese Immunology Society Best Paper and Best Poster award in 2009 and 2010, as well as the CESPU International Research Award in 2010. After leaving the lab to pursue a career in science communication, she served as the director of science communication at iMM Lisbon.

Articles by Ana de Barros

Abeona Therapeutics Opens New Manufacturing Facility in Ohio for Its Gene, Cell Therapies

Abeona Therapeutics has announced the opening of The Elisa Linton Center for Rare Disease Therapies, a commercial manufacturing facility for advanced gene and cell therapies in Cleveland, Ohio. The new GMP (good manufacturing practices) facility will have the capability to manufacture clinical and commercial grade products over Abeona’s multiple programs, including …

Lysogene Plans Phase 2/3 Study of LYS-SAF302 Later This Year

Lysogene’s Phase 2/3 trial on LYS-SAF302 gene therapy, a clinical candidate for Sanfilippo syndrome type A, will begin in the second half of 2018 due to manufacturing delays. LYS-SAF302 is a viral vector that carries a healthy SGSH gene. This gene gives instructions to produce an enzyme called sulfamidase, which…